She was born from an Algerian-German mother and a French father.

She lived in France, Vietnam and now Belgium and India.

She was singing Claude Nougaro before she could talk.

She grew up listening to Korn and Stevie Wonder in the same hour.

She's a goth and a princess.

She's an artist and an economist.

You'll meet her in a Rock festival or the next Stacey Kent's concert.

You can feed her Michelin star restaurants or a Vada Pav from the street vendor downstairs.

She'll wear pearls on top of her tattoos.

She's the most Belgo-Indian French girl you'll ever meet.

Coming up with her first album, pop folk songwriter and singer Carla Stark is a cameleon and you will find traces of her multiple personality disorder in each one of her songs.


Music has been a big part of Carla's life. Growing up with her father's saxophone, her first words were not "Dad" or "Mom" but the lyrics to Claude Nougaro's songs.


When she was young, for about 16 years, Carla took her piano lessons very seriously, until her studies took over. After she finished high school in Vietnam, she set up in Belgium where she studied at the Solvay Business School, but music never left her as she presented a thesis on music therapy in companies to get her Master's degree in economics.


Newly graduated, and after a few experiences in the business world, Carla figures out she's not in the right place. She takes a few singing classes, joins a theatre group, and then starts at the Cours Florent, an acting school in Brussels where she'll study for a few months before she joins an Indian musical, Beyond Bollywood. She starts in the production team but she quickly ends up on stage, acting and dancing, during the Algerian and European tours of the show. 


Thanks to this adventure, she meets Essaï Altounian, who hears music when he reads her lyrics. Since November 2016, they've been working together, recording in Paris in between Brussels-Mumbai roundtrips, to give us today the first solo music project of Carla Stark, a 12 songs album, full of colours and personality.